Mary's Bridal Ring


Design Concept:

A Talis Jewel will begin its journey as just a simple thought. That thought will eventually become an idea, and from that idea a conceptual design will be made. This design will usually be in the form of a rough sketch, and that rough sketch will serve as our template and guideline to follow in our production process.





This stage is pending....





Model Overview:

This Stage is pending...






Stone Layout:

With our basic model now completed we can finalize the design by deciding the best way to layout our accent stones, and once the most appealing pattern has been discovered we will then carefully drill that pattern out into our model.




Rough Platinum Castings:

Now that our waxes have been casted into our desired metal, those castings will then be carefully inspected for distortions and possible imperfections, such as shrinkage and porosity. If no such imperfections can be found we will then proceed with the final production of our Jewel.




Cleaning of Casting:

The final production of our piece begins with the cleaning of our castings. When metal is casted its surface does not come out smooth or shiny, on the contrary it comes out rough and dull. So for our castings to reach their desired appearance they must be thoroughly cleaned. This involves

carefully using abrasives such as files, emery paper, and rubber wheels to smooth over and remove the rough surfaces of our castings.





Once every square inch of our castings have been cleaned, and we have triple checked our sizings and fitments, we can then permanently attach our castings together by pinning, laser welding, and soldering them together.





Finished Jewel:

And after it has passed our quality control requirements, our Jewel will finally be ready to go out and become a very special part of someones life.